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Courtney Hamilton

Currently in production -
Courtney, former beauty queen and daughter of Arizona singer George Hamilton, has a lot of musical talent to share. Check back as we continue to work on her project.


CTS Band

Currently in production -
CTS will have an Album, Several music videos, and are featured on the Soundtrack for the Run for the Wall 2005,2006 & 2007 DVDs. Click the picture for their Gallery or Go to the jukebox page to hear some of their latest music. You can also view their webpage on myspace by clicking below:


Run for the wall 2007 DVD

Currently in production -
This DVD features even more motorcycles and follows the RFTW Southern route and its riders... their trials and tribulations riding from coast to coast, from Ontario, California to Washington, D.C.

Filled with great original rock & roll produced by wholly Post.

Video edited by John Biehl.