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Mercer and Teresa have several R&B hits
produced by G-man. See the Jukebox page or click the picture at Left to view the gallery.

Robert Van Arlen

Robert Van Arlen:

Robert Van Arlen is a magnetic motivational speaker that is in demand in the area of teambuilding and sales strategies.

The theme for Robert Van Arlen's "Focus Synergy" CD set  is in the Jukebox.

see also RobertVanArlen.com




A Southwestern Christmas : The True Meaning of Love

Shot in Digital Beta on 6 cameras this Christmas special has the look and feel of a major production. The DVD features original and traditional songs all recorded and mastereed in Digital and Dolby Surround sound!




Cry Of Freedom

This Pop-Rock piece was intended to honor the fallen heroes of 9/11 and offers a stiring emotional message penned by Geoff Hurley and Arranged by Gary Strausbaugh, and passionately sung by Maya 'Ileen. `





Video Projects:

Past Video Projects include the Soundtrack for the DVD "Run for the Wall 2005" & "Run for the Wall 2006" (featuring the music of CTS), The theme for Robert Van Arlen's "Focus Synergy" CD set and ADR for the movie "Snowbirds"


Past Projects: Gallery

An interesting list of projects past.